GATT Rate Stuck at 4.20%

As of noon today, the yield on the 30-year Treasury Bond was almost unchanged at 4.20%.

Consumer Sentiment and Earnings Angst Spurs Buying in Treasuries–Pushing Yields Lower

Weaker than expected earnings estimates from Chevron and a lower read on consumer sentiment sent investors fleeing for Treasuries pushing yields lower. Although this is a bad thing for the market, it is a potentially positive development for GATT rate calculations going into August.

Uninspiring Results of Today’s 30Y Auction see Yields Rise to Around 4.30%

Although the auction was successful, most of the supply(67%) occured near the high end of the yiled curve(4.30)–this is not horrible news for GATT calculations; however, it does break the nice downward trend we were experiencing.

Record 11 Billion 30Y Auction is Pivotal for the GATT Rate

30Y Auction Results will be released today at 1:00 PM EST. If the bid-to-cover comes in as strong as yesterday’s 10y, we could see rates hover around the 4.20% level for a while, if not, we’re in for a wide ride to the upside–perhaps to 5% or more.

Record 11 Billion 30 Year Auction is Pivotal for the GATT Rate

30-yr Bond Roller Coaster Continues today

Back up to 4.256% on the GATT Rate as of 10am. We’re seeing really big swings lately on this yield.

GATT Rate closes at 4.16% today

Huge drop is great news for those of you thinking about retiring in the 4th quarter. Of course, none of this really matters until August, which is the next lock-in month for Associates.

GATT dropping even further today

Shortly before 2pm, the yield on the 30-yr Treasury is down to 4.187% — round up to 4.19% which is now lower than the rate that was locked in back in May for July-August-September.

Recent Trend of the GATT Rate

Jamie Cox has prepared this graph of the GATT rate over the last month or so. As you can see, the rate spiked up initially, but has been coming back down — potentially good news for those of you contemplating retirement.

GATT Update for July 8th

After locking in the month of May at 4.23%, the GATT rate looked like it was going to skyrocket, closing as high as 4.75 on June 10th. But as of yesterday, July 7th, the GATT closed at 4.31 and is currently at 4.25 as of the time of this post. Still too early to tell […]