January Recap

January was a disappointing month for investors, with the S&P 500 index down roughly 4% for the month as of 10am on Friday, January 31. January is a closely watched month, as there is some historical correlation between the market’s performance in January vs. the entire calendar year. Statistics show that “up” markets for the […]

‘Tis the Season for Dividends and Capital Gains

This is the time of year when we get a lot of questions from clients about seemingly odd market movements in some of their mutual funds. Often, this “phenomenon” can be easily explained by the dividends, special dividends and/or capital gains that the funds pay. So here’s how that works. Mutual Funds price daily at […]

Verizon EISP Deadline is Tomorrow, December 11th!

The Holidays have come early for those of you who had been waiting to receive an EISP offer from Verizon. There are lots of important factors in the current Verizon EISP offer. 1. What is the future of copper/landlines in the Mid-Atlantic? 2. What impact will interest rates have on future lump sum pension payments? […]

Lower Gas Prices Should Help U.S. Consumers Around the Holidays

  Our economy depends heavily on consumption, with approximately 70% of U.S. economic activity on what Americans spend.   This is the time of year when we start paying close attention to Wall Street expectations surrounding holiday sales events — Black Friday has crept into Thanksgiving Day and “Cyber Monday.” People line up for bargains […]

BIG Lump Sum Pension Changes on the Horizon!

If your lump sum pension is valued using the Pension Protection Act (PPA) rate, we’re concerned that big reductions are on the horizon for your lump sum pension amounts. Most lump sum pensions are valued using complex calculations that have an interest rate component, such as the PPA, GATT, or PBGC rates. In general, the […]

First Time, Long Time

It’s been awhile since we’ve reported news of a Verizon EISP Offer, but according to CWA 2201 and others, there is a surplus in the Mid-Atlantic, with an off-payroll date of June 30th. This is great news for anyone thinking about retiring, given that near record-low interest rates translate into near record-high lump sum pension […]

Big General Motors Pension News

GM’s stock rose on this news…wonder if it will impact VZ/CWA negotiations…

New EISP Coming Out Soon

Per several of the local CWA websites, there is a new EISP package coming out with a July 14, 2012 off payroll date. Details on the numbers and job titles are still coming out, but we do know that this offer will allow participants to take advantage of the historically low GATT Rate, which should […]

Potomac Region Update

Posted On: Jun 25, 2010 (14:10:06) Good Afternoon,This is to update locals on the EISP/Surplus discussions.The surplus and oversubscribed volunteers will be notified they are accepted or rejected and if accepted will also be advised of their date off the payroll by letters going out in the mail by Monday. The off payroll dates are […]

EISP/Article 35 Potomac Region – Update June 23

The following is a brief update from the meeting today with Labor Relations regarding the EISP/Article 35. There was an over subscription for the EISP offering in the surplus areas in the Potomac Region. However, the company did not reach the 12,000 minimum volunteers from the former Bell Atlantic footprint. The decision as to whether […]