This post pertains to our Bargained For Verizon Retirees:

We eagerly anticipate the release of the details regarding the Medicare Advantage Plan negotiated in the recent contract. Once we receive the details, we can fully answer your questions; however, we want to provide some preliminary details:

  1. The Medicare Advantage plan will be modeled after the current MCN Option. If you have the MEP PPO option and you are a current Medicare recipient, you will see changes.
  2. The Medicare Advantage Plan has NO deductible (this is good).
  3. The annual out of pocket Maximum is $1,050/individual — there is NO family deductible.
  4. There is no monthly premium (this is very good).

You should expect the educational materials from Verizon no later than 90 days prior to the implementation date of the Medicare Advantage Plan — October 01, 2016 since the plan is scheduled to go live January 01, 2017.

More to come.