We know it’s the season for all things scary – but trying to understand your Verizon Advantage Plan should not be on the list of scary things. It is premium free, modeled after your current MCN plan, and is NOT the same thing that is offered to Verizon management.

If the phrases Original Medicare, GAP plans, or Medicare Advantage are keeping you awake at night, or if terms like MMA, HMO, VMEP, NNF, MEP, PPO, PART A, PART B, PART C are the stuff your nightmares are made of, then it’s time to face your fears and seek the expertise of the associates at Harris Financial Group. With over thirty years of experience working with VZ employees at every level, we have the answers that you are looking for.

We can explain all of these terms to you in a way that will calm all your fears and allow you to sleep soundly knowing that you understand the ins and outs of the plans available to you so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Understanding your Medicare options might be a little tricky, but the only thing that should scare you this time of year is running out of candy for the Trick or Treaters that show up on your doorstep this Halloween.

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