The Holidays have come early for those of you who had been waiting to receive an EISP offer from Verizon.

There are lots of important factors in the current Verizon EISP offer.

1. What is the future of copper/landlines in the Mid-Atlantic?
2. What impact will interest rates have on future lump sum pension payments?
3. What are the tax ramifications of taking the EISP offer?
4. How much retirement income can you plan on receiving?

We are standing by to help you with these important retirement questions.

We are also available to help you coordinate your pension elections with the Verizon Benefits Center. Unfortunately, the benefits center is still experiencing significant “growing pains” since the new group took over, and our team will be able to help guide you (and the benefits center!) through these very important retirement steps.

Please call us today for a free consultation, (800) 281-3980.

Disclaimer: Harris Financial Group is not affiliated in any way with Verizon or the Verizon Benefits Center. We are independent financial advisors who have been helping people retire from the phone company since 1992.