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Trick or Treat – Verizon Advantage Plan

We know it’s the season for all things scary – but trying to understand your Verizon Advantage Plan should not be on the list of scary things. It is premium free, modeled after your current MCN plan, and is NOT the same thing that is offered to Verizon management. If the phrases Original Medicare, GAP […]

Early Details on Verizon Medicare Advantage

This post pertains to our Bargained For Verizon Retirees: We eagerly anticipate the release of the details regarding the Medicare Advantage Plan negotiated in the recent contract. Once we receive the details, we can fully answer your questions; however, we want to provide some preliminary details: The Medicare Advantage plan will be modeled after the […]

Dow, NASDAQ Reach “Correction” Territory

Anyone who has been watching the news lately knows that the markets have had a really rough week. Tonight, when you turn on the news, you might hear people mention the word “correction” in reference to what’s happened in the market lately. Sometimes the financial news media can tend to sensationalize negative market news because […]

Sluggish Summer Continues

A combination of factors has led to a sluggish stock market so far this summer. Concerns about Greece gave way to concerns about volatility in the Chinese stock market. And while all of this was going on, the price of oil began to plummet again, getting close to the lows it reached earlier this year. […]

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